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Maria Falu-Rodriguez

Allow Us to Come In and Take over Your Real Estate Headache

If you’re a real estate investor, have your own profession, live outside of Philadelphia, thinking about leaving Philadelphia or just work a regular 9-5 and are tired of managing your property while spending endless hours collecting rents and handling tenant requests or issues, then we are your source for ‘headache free’ income. Genesis Real Estate Services was incorporated to serve the owner’s best interest and relieve them of the everyday management duties for their investment property. We are a serious service business solution for the property owner.

Why Choose Us?

We manage each and every property as if it were our own in order to maximize cash flow for the respective owner by reducing expenses and increasing the property's rent capability. We establish a sense of caring and a pride of ownership resulting in the maximization of asset value and increased levels of comfort, service and resident retention in our clients' properties. Providing great service is our company's philosophy and foundation that is relied upon from our initial contact in order to establish a long lasting business relationship. We are a full service company that specializes in residential real estate and commercial property management. Serving all of Philadelphia.

Owner Services

We can assist all of our property owners with obtaining all of the required documents needed by the City of Philadelphia including business privilege license, rental certificates, rental suitability, etc. for an additional one time fee.

We are approved for to offer Section 8 housing and are familiar with all the documentation required by the Philadelphia Housing Authority to register you property with them as your property management agent.

  • Resident Screening (Credit Check, Background Check, Evictions Search & Employment Verifications
  • Collection of Rents and Deposits
  • Inspection of property prior to every move in and move out
  • Obtaining new tenants & negotiating leases
  • Responsive to prospective unit holders needs & concerns
  • Manage the property effectively and strive to be cost conscious on any necessary repairs that are needed
  • Owners have the option to receive their rent payments by mail or by direct deposit to bank account
  • Provide ideas and more creative ways of cutting costs & improving market value of properties
  • Monthly invoice statements showing monies received and expenditures incurred
  • Create advertising medium for properties
  • Show vacant commercial space and residential properties to prospective tenants
  • Keeping and maintaining all contact with current tenants in relation to questions, concerns, repairs, complains, lateness and evictions
  • Keeping financial records for rent collected and money spent
  • Work with attorneys to evict tenants who do not pay their rent according to lease terms.
  • Advising the owner(s) on when major repairs or renovation of the property are needed
  • Contract only licensed contractors, electricians, roofers and plumbers to service owner(s) properties when repairs or renovations are needed and agreed upon by all parties.
  • Assisting the owner(s) in buying and selling their rental properties

Property Management Fees 

Management fees are determined on each property individually taking into consideration many factors, including the amount of properties in your portfolio, their location, type, age, size and condition of the property, as well as the scope of services your property requires. We will meet with you in person to evaluate your property and make recommendations as to the scope of work to be done, the maintenance the property requires, and to make recommendations for effective cost reduction/savings.